Unable to lock selected controls on Malcolm

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Unable to lock selected controls on Malcolm

Post by amurdter@gmail.com » Tue Oct 25, 2016 10:26 pm

I am animating a scene in which Malcolm is a reference. On certain controls, I want to go into the channel box and "lock selected" on all attributes (specifically in the face) so that I can't accidentally animate them or set keys on them. However, since Malcolm is a reference, Maya will not let me do this. Maya does not allow for the user to lock channels on references, it must be done within the actual asset that is the rig. When I go to do this, the picker does not work. Typically, when you select a button in the picker, it turns white. In my actual animation with Malcolm referenced, the picker works in this way. When I go to the base rig that is Malcolm, straight from AnimSchool, if I select a button in the picker it just flashes white, and can ever actually be selected. I'm super frustrated because I am constantly counter-animating in his face because I am unable to lock down the controls that I want to lock down. Any help?

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Re: Unable to lock selected controls on Malcolm

Post by admin » Sat Oct 29, 2016 4:15 pm

The Picker file assumes there is a namespace, so the rig needs to be referenced with a namespace.

You can't just open the rig file and animate with it, because the picker file won't work with it anymore.

You can open the rig file and edit it and make a new master. You can edit the keyable attributes, and make whatever changes to the rig and save it out.
If you save it as a new name then reference that in, the rig might (depending on your settings) have a different namespace. If it does, use Picker>Change Namespace to set it to the new name.

Alternatively, you could just import the reference on an animation scene, then Maya will let you edit it.

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