abxpicker syntax error

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abxpicker syntax error

Post by manjowithane » Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:51 pm

Hi there,

I know there are lots of threads about troubleshooting abxpicker, but I have scoured the net and can't find a solution to my problem so am making a thread as a last resort.

I am currently running Maya 2010, so I am using the 2009 abxpicker. I have literally put the mel script file in every possible 'script' folder I can find on my computer, but all I ever get is the following error message when I run the command specified (source "abxPicker.mel"; abxPicker;):

# Error: File "<maya console>", line 2
source "abxPicker.mel"; abxPicker;
SyntaxError: invalid syntax #

I have also tried to use the 2011 version but to no avail... any ideas?


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