How to Dock abxPicker in Maya 2011/2012

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How to Dock abxPicker in Maya 2011/2012

Post by jimlevasseur » Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:02 pm

In the Script Editor, type in the following code:

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dockControl -area left -content abxPickerWindow abxPickerDC;
In this instance, abxPickerWindow is the internal Maya name for the picker window; abxPickerDC is the new name for the dock control window and can be whatever you like. This should dock the abxPicker window to the left side of your viewport (obviously you can change "left" to "right" in the code and have it sitting with the Channel Box and Attribute Editor, but your animation workflow probably demands the picker and Channel Box open simultaneously).

You can also bind this code to a hotkey or save it to a shelf button so that you don't have to copy/paste the code by hand every time you open Maya to work with Malcolm. And of course, the docking functionality only works with Maya 2011 & 2012 due to the new QT interface.

And if for some reason you need to properly delete the window without restarting Maya, you can kill the dockControl window (and everything inside it, like the picker) by using this code:

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deleteUI -control abxPickerDC;
Note that this deletion code won't work if you named the dockControl window differently above.


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Re: How to Dock abxPicker in Maya 2011/2012

Post by agk.tran » Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:11 pm

awesome, thanks for that Jim!

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