Minor Issues with the abxPicker and a small suggestion.

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Minor Issues with the abxPicker and a small suggestion.

Post by riffraff » Sun Sep 02, 2012 10:20 pm

First of thanks for providing the animation community with such a robust rig like Malcom. As for an introduction I'm a animator that's been working hard building a portfolio in my 2 years going professional. You can check my reel on my site if you wish but that's not the reason I'm posting.


I have encountered a minor issue with the abxPicker regarding its interface. The abxPicker itself works fine, all the buttons work as expected. Its the text on the GUI that's an issue, in the video tutorials you can easily read what the button is, but in my screen some of them are readable while the rest are cut off.
http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... t=1&ref=nf

Is there a way to fix that? I tried resizing the window to no avail. I'm using Maya 2011 and I believe an older version of the abxPicker (checking my download date, this is a version from last year).

As for the suggestion, I truly appreciate the toggle button for the controls as I work in a layered form (main controls 1st then secondary to fine detail). It would be nice that the toggle section would have a PRIMARY CONTROLS and SECONDARY CONTROLS. PRIMARY would be similar to the BASIC toggle button where all the main controls are only visible (the biggest buttons in the abxPicker) while the SECONDARY would be similar for the MOST button but hides the controls on the BASIC toggle. Its a small thing but it would be a big help to keep the control clutter to a minimum. Thanks again!

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