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Funding for AnimSchool

Post by AJanimation86 » Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:54 am

Hi everyone.

I recently finished a single class with the intention of signing up for a full program if I liked it. I did. So I have now signed up for the Animation program.

I am now trying to find some funding to be able to afford the full cost without having to self fund each month as I don't get a super high wage.
Ideally I am looking for anyone in the UK who has found some funding and could give some advice on this.

I have found a career development loan from Co-op bank, but they have said that I need to find the "learning Provider" from Animschool to see if its on their list of eligible courses. I spoke to Animschool who had no idea what a "learning provider" was.

Is there anyone on here in the UK who has had a career development loan to study here or am I looking at self funding the whole course?

Thank to anyone who can offer any help.

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