How to create new mods / skinning

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How to create new mods / skinning

Post by blondi » Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:12 am

Hi guys I am a brand new user of this forum, so apologies if I am asking something that u already discussed about...
I am Maya user and I would like to know if is there any tutorial, video, or something to learn how to "morph" Malcolm and get different mods, I have been using Norman rig, Morpheus rig and I usually try to change face, body features of my character according to the shot I got to animate, maybe adding hair, clothes, making it fatter, skinnier, etc
I was checking the rig and I LOVE IT, but I couldn't find any video tutorial explaining basic stuff about how to add meshes (clothes, beard, shoes, pants, etc) and affect this new mesh with Malcolm rig (transfer skin weights/skinning)
If someone posted something previously could u please give me the link, or if someone is keen to explain it or post some video about this would be awsome!
Thanks a lot! :)


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