Anim Picker for Softimage 2015

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Anim Picker for Softimage 2015

Post by gregor99 » Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:47 am

I must be missing something, because I cannot get the picker dll to load. I have used dependency walker, and some of the windows dlls are not loading/missing. This program was written awhile ago. I have the Windows 7 SDK installed, but no luck. What version of the windows redistributable package do I need to have installed?

We are using Windows 7 Pro SP1 64, and Softimage 2015 64 bit. I also have the 4.8.5 version of QT installed.

Is there something else that I need to add to the path environment variable as well?

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Re: Anim Picker for Softimage 2015

Post by admin » Wed Oct 29, 2014 2:15 pm

I'll see if we can get some help for you.

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Re: Anim Picker for Softimage 2015

Post by lizardj » Wed Oct 29, 2014 9:29 pm

Hi gregor99,
You are certain all the files are copied to the correct folders, right?

Run this following jscript in your Softimage script editor and it should return the right directories where you need to store the various files.

Code: Select all

oApp = new ActiveXObject("XSI.Application");
LogMessage("copy the Qt dll's to here: "+oApp.GetInstallationPath2(3)+XSIUtils.Slash+"Application"+XSIUtils.Slash+"bin", 32);
LogMessage("copy the AnimSchoolPicker plugin files to here: "+oApp.GetInstallationPath2(1)+XSIUtils.Slash+"Application"+XSIUtils.Slash+"Plugins", 32);
If this doesn't help, can you save out the Dependency Walker file and upload here so it's easier to troubleshoot?

Review this tutorial for instruction:

Also, do you happen to have PyQtForSoftimage installed?

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