Back end editing and mirroring

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Back end editing and mirroring

Post by thoolaeff » Thu Dec 11, 2014 6:16 pm


This picker is a very important part of our animation department. It saves a ton of time and is great to work with and easy to modify in most cases.

Two things that could help make it even more easy to modify would be the ability to create the left or right side of your characters picker and mirror it to the opposite side. Most character rigs are symmetrical and you should only need to build half and mirror those over.

Secondly any back end editing would help as well. If any large rig changes roll out I can do a search and replace to update our other tools but I have to open and update each effected button in each picker effected one by one with this picker.

Are either of these features that you have considered or that you are working on?


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