AnimSchool Picker broken on 4K resolution

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AnimSchool Picker broken on 4K resolution

Post by felixCat » Fri Aug 07, 2020 12:19 am


I've done a search for this in the form, but couldn't find any talk of it.

I'm working in a mixed-resolution environment, using Maya 2018.

I used to use dual 1080p monitors on Maya 2018 and AnimSchool Picker worked without problems.

However, now that I'm working with different resolutions, it seems that the Picker is acting a bit wonky.

** I am not exactly sure if it is my different monitor resolutions that is the problem, but that is the only thing that has changed from the "working state" to the current "wonky state".

I can load Picker files and use them to pick parts of rigs just fine, but I cannot properly create new buttons now.

When I use the Picker's top menu Picker > Add One Button or Add Many Buttons, I can't seem to see any new buttons created.

Also, when using the Picker window's bottom-right Create New Button button, a small white button shows up, but I can't seem to arrange its position. Upon clicking it, it disappears.

The only way I can make an actual button seems to be through the Right-Click > Add Command Button method. But this is less than optimal for a button to simply select objects.

I've enclosed a screen capture video of the problems in action.

Here's a rundown of my software and hardware configuration:
  • Intel i7-7700K
    32 GB RAM
    Nvidia GTX-1070
    Nvidia driver v26.21.14.4292
    Maya 2018.6
    AnimSchool Picker 1.4.11 (build 13)
My monitor resolutions are:

Monitor 1
3840 x 2160

Monitor 2
2560 x 1440

The problem persists when the Picker window is on either monitor.

Again, a video capture of the issue is enclosed.

Thanks for any halp!
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Re: AnimSchool Picker broken on 4K resolution

Post by admin » Thu Aug 13, 2020 2:05 pm

It's not clear from the video if you have an object selected in maya to make a button of?

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