2019 Picker expiration ####SOLVED****

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2019 Picker expiration ####SOLVED****

Post by melalthia » Tue Oct 22, 2019 3:53 pm

Hi there
So I got a message that the picker expired today but when i renewed the license and reinstalled the latest (and followed all the instructions.) I'm still getting the error message that version 1.4.11 for PC has expired. Are there any bug issues with 2018? What is the latest version of AnimSchool Picker?

thank you!

So no one commented on this but 24 hours later and I was able to figure it out. Basically when you re-download the picker, make sure the older version is not located anywhere on your network. And make sure you delete the old version completely off your maya shelf. (And not just change path in script editor.) I think what was happening was that maya was getting confused even though I was pointing it to the right directory.

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